60 Cute Medium Hairstyles for 2022 That Everyone Can Master

1: Comfy-Cute Medium Cut

We see why this fall-tastic style has been pinned over 3,000 times: That part-up ponytail is cute and cozy.
Comfy-Cute Medium Cut

2: Medium Shag with Bangs

Do you like shag hairstyles and think of trying a fringe? Wispy is the way to go. It complements your seemingly effortless look with a cute touch
Medium Shag with Bangs

3: Ombre Platinum Blonde

Another fuss-free style for low-maintenance ladies. Brunette to platinum blending lets you choose whether you want to appear sassy and edgy or sweet and cute because this hairdo has it all!
Brunette To Platinum Ombre Medium Hair

4: Medium Length Hair with Side Bangs

Medium Length Hair with Side Bangs

5: Front Messy Fishtail

Women with fine hair will love this cute and simple look. Perfect for every day, a slightly messy fishtail braid is a quick, interesting idea for a DIY hairstyle. Use a texturizing spray to give your hair a piecey texture and finish by lightly knotting the braid at the end to keep it secure.
Medium Hairstyle with Fishtailed Bangs

6: Blonde Highlights with Lowlights

Natural Blonde Balayage
Source: pinterest.com/pin/85357355430128935/

7: Lob for Thin Hair

Thin Hair Layers
Source: pinterest.com/pin/252764597827893474/

8: Medium Haircut with Bangs

Bangs with Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/636696466062243506/

9: Bangs with Medium Hair

Cute Hairstyle for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/439452876144600506/

10: Layered Lob Bob Haircut Curly

Haircut for Curly Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/559431584969375436/

11: Side Bangs Hairstyle

Shag Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/386957792994737618/

12: Medium Hair with Bangs

Medium Hair with Bangs
Source: pinterest.com/pin/504051383303710292/

13: Bangs with Medium Hair

Medium Hair Style
Source: pinterest.com/pin/797559415269158914/

14: Medium Hair Chubby Face Haircut

Cool Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/339036678173975495/

15: Cute Curly Hair

Cute Curly Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/420312577731875479/

16: Shoulder-Length Bob

Shoulder-Length Bob
Source: pinterest.com/pin/792563234418575029/

17: Medium Length Hairstyle

Medium Length Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/415808978090080252/

18: Braids for Medium Hair

Braids for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/25051341666283665/

19: Cute Braid and Bun Ideas Long Hair

Braided Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/61431982412014046/

20: Emma Watson Updo Styles

Updos for Medium Length Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/136022851224719174/

21: Cute Medium Ponyyail Hair

Cute Medium Ponyyail Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/748230925599982860/

22: Hair Dye Colors

Cool Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/597501075571495005/

23: Brown To Blonde Balayage

Balayage Ombre
Source: pinterest.com/pin/107734616076917342/

24: Cute Haircut for Medium Hair

Cute Haircut for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/317996423683693060/

25: Bleach Hair Color

Cool Blonde Hair Colour
Source: pinterest.com/pin/839921399229315941/

26: Platinum Blonde Balayage

Blond Ombre
Source: pinterest.com/pin/43980533852350811/

27: Cute Hair Cuts for Medium Hair

Cute Hair Cuts for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/305541155979924296/

28: Bright Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/49680402127801235/

29: Lob Haircut

Blonde Bob Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/4081455902053848/

30: Redhead Hairstyle

Box Braids Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/98375573099868194/

31: Cute Medium Length Haircut

Haircut for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/303570831142189775/

32: Gold Hair Colors

Ombree Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/9781324181367595/

33: Medium Length Hairstyle

Messy Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/708472585123749386/

34: Hairdos for Medium Hair

Cute Simple Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/914862416618450/

35: Medium Haircut Over 50

One Length Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/222154194111053740/

36: Trending Hairstyle

Prom Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/286260120054556560/

37: Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum Blonde Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/449445237821577249/

38: Blunt Haircut with Bangs

Cute Bob Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/420312577731620889/

39: Cute Hair Colors

Cute Hair Colors
Source: pinterest.com/pin/811562795358978527/

40: Easy Formal Hairstyle

Black Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/653866439648017666/

41: Pretty Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/602919468858813483/

42: Mid Length Hair

Shoulder Length Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/691021136580247302/

43: Layered Hair with Bangs

Bangs with Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/336503403417920981/

44: Choppy Haircut

Long Layered Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/121949102401775925/

45: Haircut for Fine Hair

Cool Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/150166968812256258/

46: Cute Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Round Face Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/476818679306873577/

47: Round Face Haircut

Slimming Haircut for Chubby Faces
Source: pinterest.com/pin/234890936805551138/

48: Cute Mid-Length Cut

Cute Mid-Length Cut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/2181499811423816/

49: Blunt Bob with Bangs

Layered Haircut with Bangs
Source: pinterest.com/pin/541909767672374421/

50: Cute Medium Length Hairstyle

Bangs with Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/532621093440904771/

51: Sleek Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/381117187226876963/

52: Cute Bob Hairstyle

Hairstyle with Bangs
Source: pinterest.com/pin/80713018310306540/

53: Cute Medium Brunette Hair

Medium Brown Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/525021269061422982/

54: Medium Length Cuts

Medium Hair Cut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/20477373294984793/

55: Layered Haircut for Medium Hair

Layered Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/91690542404517425/

56: Cameron Diaz Layered Haircut

Mid Length Layered Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/313140980351815731/

57: Cute Medium Length Haircut

Haircut for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/78883430964432316/

58: for Those with Naturally Thin Or Fine Hair

Haircut for Fine Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/242842604897366560/

59: Medium Long Haircut

Medium Blonde Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/270004940151691789/

60: Medium Braids Hairstyle

Medium Braids Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/62346776077976440/