20+ Medium Straight Hairstyles That Look Nice On All Hair Types

Straight hair are easy to maintain and style, but lack texture and dimension. But luckily for you, there are a lot of things that you can do to refresh and rearrange your locks.

Here, we have collated a list of medium hairstyles for straight hair- that will give you the illusion of volume, and solve all of your bad day hair woes. These hairstyles look amazing on wavy and curly hair too. Read on and find your pick!

1- Medium Straight Hairstyles

Medium Straight Hairstyles
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This medium straight hairstyle one is a sure stunner with long bangs that you can style in numerous ways, and layers that fall down until your jaws. Add to that a funky hair colour and you are sure to make heads turn!

2- Easy Summer Hairstyle

Medium Straight Hairstyles 2020
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This colour is just so pleasing to the eyes, isn’t it? Chop your hair into a medium cut and slap on some baby pink dye and you have yourself the most aesthetic, beautiful summer hair!

3- Rainbow Hair Color

Haircuts For Medium Straight Hair
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If you are feeling a little more adventurous and wish to do something to break the monotony, the rainbow dye is just what you need. To add an extra bit of edge, grab a trimmer and shave one side of your head and voila!

4- Natural Looking Hair

Medium Straight Hair Ideas
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This dark brown hair with a blunt cut is a timeless classic. If you do not want to go overboard with the hair colour, you could go for a more natural looking colour like this one. A blunt cut on straight hair can do wonders as it provides the illusion of thickness.

5- Bob Lob Hairstyle

Hairstyles For Medium Straight Hair
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An asymmetrical cut is most visible in straight hair than its wavy or curly counterparts. This summer, chop your locks into an asymmetrical bob lob– you choose the length, and dye your hair the colour of the ocean to give yourself the perfect summer hair!

6- Pretty Blunt Haircut

Medium Straight Haircuts 2020
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7- Best Haircut with Bangs

Medium Straight Hairstyle Pictures
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8- Cute Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Medium Straight Hair
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9- Bleached Hair for Light Skin Tone

Best Straight Medium Hairstyles
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10- Medium Haircut with Side Fringe

Medium Straight Hairstyles
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Straight Medium Haircuts
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Haircuts For Medium Straight Hair
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Medium Straight Hair Ideas
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Hairstyles For Medium Straight Hair
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Medium Straight Haircuts 2020


Medium Straight Hairstyles 2020


Medium Straight Hairstyle Pictures


Haircuts For Medium Straight Hair
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Medium Straight Hair Ideas
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Medium Straight Hair
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Medium Straight Hairstyles 2020
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Medium Straight Hairstyles
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Hairstyles For Medium Straight Hair
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