70 Best Variations of a Medium Thick Haircut for Your Distinctive Style

1: Medium Haircut for Thick Hair with Balayage

If you’re aiming for a romantic vibe, there is nothing better than a combination of a medium haircut and balayage. Besides, who doesn’t want to have sun-kissed hair for any season?
Thick Medium Haircut with Sun-Kissed Balayage

2: Medium Straight Hairstyle

Have you got naturally thick straight hair ? Then medium haircuts are the way to go. You’ll enjoy some subtle volume without it looking too overwhelming.
Medium Bob for Thick Straight Hair

3: Medium Long Feathered Layers

If you have thick, dense hair, choosing a medium-long layered haircut would be the best option to remove bulk and manage your hair easier. It’s a simple yet perfect option for natural hair color and straight to wavy hair.
Medium Long Feathered Layers

4: Medium Hairstyle with Deep Side Part

Medium-length haircuts with a deep side part are great for women with thick hair. Ask for a tapered or textured haircut to remove bulk weight so that the hair looks airy and light. Sometimes layers can make haircuts for medium length thick hair look choppy and motionless. Finish with a straight blowout and a deep side part to create effortless volume.
Medium Hairstyle with Thick Hair and Deep Side Part

5: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one of our go-to sources for hair inspiration with her back-to-back gorgeous styles. The middle part allows hair to fall organically, framing her face and creating symmetry. Her subtle wave and chopped ends lend body and movement to her thick tresses.
Priyanka Chopra Medium-Length Hair

6: Cut My Hair

New Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/689332286725202984/

7: Straight Lobs

Thick Straight Hair
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8: Medium Hair Style

Curly Hair Style
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9: Medium Shag Haircut

Layered Haircut with Bangs
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10: Layered Haircut Shoulder Length

Long Length Hair
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11: Medium Haircut with Bangs

Medium Shaggy Hairstyle
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12: Medium Length Hairstyle

Cool Hairstyle
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13: Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Weave Hairstyle
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14: Hairstyle for Thick Hair in 2022

Cute Hairstyle
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15: Hair Color Auburn

Medium Auburn Hair
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16: Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Brown Hair Balayage
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17: Wedding Bun Hairstyle

Twist Hairstyle
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18: Layered Dark Brown Lob Bob Hairstyle for Thick

Haircut for Thick Hair
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19: Brunette Hair with Highlights

Highlights for Dark Brown Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/2814818508047352/

20: Layered Bob Hairstyle

Hairstyle Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/320600067232054355/

21: Hair Color Highlights

Ombree Hair Color
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22: One Length Haircut

Haircut for Long Hair
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23: Shag Cut with Babylights

Medium Hair Style
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24: Stacked Haircut

Medium Layered Haircut
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25: Medium Hair with Layers

Medium Hair Cut
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26: Hair Color and Cut

Cool Hair Color
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27: Brown Blonde Hair

Brunette Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/182958803601748975/

28: Medium Choppy Cut

Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/614389574174293534/

29: Medium Layered Haircut

Medium Hair Cut
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30: Hair Cut with Layers

Medium Hair Cut
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31: Wavy Haircut Medium

Medium Length Wavy Hair
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32: Medium Haircuts Thick

Medium Hairstyle
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33: Layered Haircut for Medium Hair Are Fun

Layered Haircut
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34: Medium Hairstyle Thick

Haircut for thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/43910165107375973/

35: Thick Blonde Hair

Medium Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/822681056938500539/

36: Shoulder Length Cuts

Medium Length Cuts
Source: pinterest.com/pin/537476536786598193/

37: Medium Blonde Hair Cut

Medium Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/571605377712184505/

38: Brown Lob with Partial Highlights

Partial Highlights
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39: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Long Layered Hair
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40: Haircut for Thick Hair

Long Hair with Bangs
Source: pinterest.com/pin/6122149483551271/

41: Shoulder Length Hair Balayage

Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs
Source: pinterest.com/pin/398990848245763353/

42: Medium Hair Cut

Long Hair Cut
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43: Feathered Layers for Straight Hair Up Dos for Medium Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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44: Super On-Trend

Fringe and Thick
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45: Medium Thick Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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46: Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Medium Long Hair
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47: Popular Medium Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/404831454011229110/

48: Haircut for Thick Hair

Long Thick Hair Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/2040762322978340/

49: Lob with V-Cut Choppy Layers Lob Haircut Thick Hair

Messy Bob Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/715157615808688465/

50: Medium Wavy Haircut

Haircut Thick Wavy Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/166351779975873993/

51: Mid Length Hair

Shoulder Length Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/228346643597934826/

52: Haircut for Medium Hair

Wavy Haircut
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53: Haircut for Medium Hair

Haircut for Medium Hair
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54: Brown Hair Cut

Brown Hair Looks
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55: Layered Thick Hair

Thick Coarse Hair
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56: Thick Bob Haircut

Haircut for Wavy Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/676384437792967196/

57: 2022 Hairstyle

Long Bob Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/472103973443383991/

58: Medium To Long Layered Cut for Thick Hair

Long Shag Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/41728734032554877/

59: Medium Shaggy Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle for Thick
Source: pinterest.com/pin/215750638389022174/

60: Easy Hair Cut

Medium Hair Cut
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61: Layered Haircut for Medium Hair

Thick Hair Style Medium
Source: pinterest.com/pin/23643966785080712/

62: Thick Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut for thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/408209153733520643/

63: Thick Curly Hair

Curly Hair Tips
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64: Medium Shag Haircut

Shaggy Haircut
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65: Mid Length Curly Hairstyle

Curly Hair Style
Source: pinterest.com/pin/170151692161983270/

66: Medium Centre-Parted Layered Cut Curls for Long Hair

Haircut for Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/495325659014484904/

67: Choppy Haircut

Haircut for Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/621496817335014991/

68: Layered Haircut Thick Hair

Haircut for Wavy Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/252834966571274536/

69: Medium To Long Hair with Long Layers Medium Blonde Hair

Medium Hair Cut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/416371928052323583/

70: Medium Shaggy Hairstyle

Shaggy Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/974888650559334389/