50 Medium Hairstyles with Bangs for Refreshing Look in 2022

1: Waves with Long Side Bangs

Style your fringe as a beach wave along with the rest of your hair. This shattered look immediately suggests big-city elegance.
Medium Wavy Hairstyle with A Side Fringe

2: Medium Length Hair with Side Bangs

Medium Length Hair with Side Bangs

3: Krysten Ritter with Curtain Bangs

Krysten Ritter’s jet black hair is head-turning, especially against her fair complexion. Curtain bangs add a little something-something to this raven-haired beauty’s mid-length cut.
Krysten Ritter Wavy Medium-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

4: Mid Length Layered Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Add interest to the classic mid-length shag haircut with bangs, including layered ash blonde highlights. This works best with thin to medium textured tresses, as thick hair can seem bulky due to the number of layers—style with a bit of a wave for a sassy, chic aesthetic.
Medium Layered Cut with Bangs

5: Medium Hairstyle with Feathery Ends and Bangs

The feathering technique works wonders on thin hair. A fuzzy appearance is formed when razors are used instead of shears to cut, giving some extra texture to the mane. Texturizing adds fullness. Complete with dreamy sparse bangs, you’ve got a lovely medium style for straight hair.
Medium Straight Layered Cut with Bangs

6: Medium Hair Style

Medium Short Hair Style
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7: Medium Center-Parted Hair with A Razored Fringe

Lob Haircut with Bangs
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8: Girls Natural Hairstyle

Hairstyle with Bangs
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9: Long Length Haircut

Medium Haircut with Bangs
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10: Short Haircut with Bangs

Bangs with Medium Hair
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11: Layered Haircut with Bangs

Layered Haircut with Bangs
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12: Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Long Bob Haircut
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13: Medium Length Hair

Short Curly Wavy Hair
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14: Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

Shoulder Hair
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15: Fine Hair Bangs

Haircut for Fine Hair
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16: Long Bob with Short Bangs

Medium Hair Style
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17: Haircut for Round Face Shape

Bangs for Round Face
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18: Thin Hair Bangs

Thin Hair Haircut
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19: Bangs with Medium Hair

Easy Hairstyle for Medium Hair
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20: Sleek Shag Cool Haircut for Girls

Haircut with Bangs
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21: Taylor Swift Short Hair

Taylor Swift Haircut
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22: Cute Haircut

Haircut with Bangs
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23: Shoulder Length Haircut with Wispy Bangs

Shoulder Haircut
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24: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Bangs with Medium Hair
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25: Mid-Length Bangs for Oval Faces Side Bangs Hairstyle

Cute Girls Hairstyle
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26: Short Haircut Over 50

One Length Haircut
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27: Medium Hair Style for Women

Bangs with Medium Hair
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28: Full Fringe Thick Hair Bangs

Lob for Thin Hair
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29: Medium Hair Style for Women

Haircut for Medium Hair
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30: Medium Hair Cut with Bangs

Medium Hair Style
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31: Rosemarie Dewitt Medium Hair with Bangs

Rosemarie Dewitt Medium Hair with Bangs
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32: Bob Haircut for Black Women Medium Lengths

Bob Haircut for Black Women Short
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33: Medium Shag Haircut

Shaggy Haircut
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34: Long Layers with Bangs

Long Side Bangs
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35: Baddie Hairstyle

Hairstyle with Bangs
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36: Bobbed Hairstyle with Fringe

Bob Hairstyle with Bangs
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37: Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Hairstyle with Bangs
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38: Fine Hair Bangs

Short Hairstyle Fine
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39: Korean Medium Hair Bangs

Korean Haircut Medium
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40: Modern Shag Haircut

Long Shag Haircut
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41: Vintage Hairstyle

Hairstyle with Bangs
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42: Curly Bob Wigs

Medium Bob
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43: Medium Hair Style

Medium Hair Style
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44: Medium Shag Haircut

Hot Haircut
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45: Pastel Pink Shaggy Bob with Bronde Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut
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46: Bangs with Medium Hair

Medium Hair Style
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47: Medium Hair Cut

Medium Hair Cut
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48: Medium Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut
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49: Medium Shag with Bangs Long Hair with Bangs

Short Hair with Layers
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50: Medium Shag Haircut

Layered Haircut with Bangs
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